Reference changes when collaborating with colleagues

When I send my manuscript to my colleague for revision & change, the references that I have made becomes changed after her revision. She hasn’t changed the reference, but if she adds new references, (and of course her endnote library doesnt have all the references in the manuscript) the original references change to completely different references. 

Is there an effective way to do this? Is this a bug or do I have to change a setting or something? network drive endnote seems difficult since we are working on the same endnote library at the same time. Endnote web… seems to be too complicated (since we are using institutional software, I am not sure if we have individual accounts)

Any suggestions? 

When references are added to an EndNote library each entry is assigned a unique record number.  When collaborating with other authors unless they work from the same EndNote library file, problems can arise when working with two (or more) libraries which may have different references having the same record number. 

You could consolidate the references into a single library (which would also mean re-inserting citations/references having had the same record number but the easiest would be to use EndNote Web. Refer to this FAQ below (#166437) for instructions on sharing references on a collaborative document. (Also search the EndNote Knowledge Basefor “sharing an endnote library”.)

EndNote Web: How to share references for a collaborative document

The best way to do this is through the use of EndNote Web. Each user will need to have an account. If they have purchased EndNote X2.0.1 or later , they are eligible to get a 2 year subscription to EndNote Web. Please see this article for more information.

        If your institution has a Web of Knowledge account, then you will also get an EndNote Web account when you register from within the authenticated network for Web of Knowledge.

  1. Once each user has an account, you can then create a group or groups in your EndNote Web library that will hold the references you want to share.
  2. Once the group or groups are created, you will want to go to the Organize tab and choose Manage My Groups.
  3. In here you will need to check the Share boxes for any group you wish to have others use.
  4. Once you’ve chosen which groups to share, click the Manage Sharing Button.
  5. Now choose the “Start sharing this group” link.
  6. Type out the e-mail address(es) that each user you wish to share the group with, used to register for EndNote Web. Make sure each address is on it’s own line.
  7. Choose Read & Write for each user to allow them to edit the references in the group you are sharing and add new references to the group.

The users should now have the group(s) you shared with them in their shared groups section of the library. Each user will need to do the following in order to use the Cite While You Write tools with the shared group.

  1. Log into
  2. Go to Organize / Other’s Groups
  3. Check the Show and “Use for Cite While You Write” for access.

Now the users can add, edit and use the references from this mass shared folder in your EndNote Web account in Word. If they delete a reference, it will be removed from the shared group, but still in your EndNote Web library. You have the administration privileges but the users can manage the folder’s contents on their own.

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