multiple publication cities


My style requirements mean that I have to list multiple cities for ‘place published.’ But I can’t figure out how to organize that in my style templates. 

What do I do?

I have X7 for mac.


I guess they all need to be in the field that holds that information for each record.  I don’t see any way to sometimes have one (for those publications that don’t have this requirement), and sometimes have several.  

So I just need to do the formatting with the field, and not in the template?

I am not sure how else Endnote wouldk know to  “collect” and incorporate a number of publication locations? The template reflects what is in the field to which the template refers.  

Maybe I am misunderstanding your quesiton.  Can you cut and paste what you are getting and what you want to get?  

Are you talking about the templates that are used to produce the citations/bibliography/footnotes, or a template to collect the information from a database source into the field?  – I don’t know the answer to the latter question either, so it may be necessary or faster to approach tech support directly?