Multiple records for same reference?

I use Procite (and now Endnote XI) for notetaking. Once I had a reference in Procite 5, I could hit F9 (as I recall) to bring up a blank/new record and then SHIFT-F5 to duplicate the info. from the prior reference. I would then write over the notes/abstract/keyword section to create a new “notecard.”  It was fantastic (6,000 notecards for my last book).

I can’t figure how to do this for Endnote. It’s a real pain to leave the first record, copy it again, then open, etc. Is there a workaround? 

I posted the above three years ago. When will Endnote get that people would like to use a note taking feature with it? I show my students Endnote and Zotero and they all go with Zotero because of the note taking feature. Even Procite took me 200 hours to conifgure properly and I’m not going through that again with Endnote. 

Zotero, Evernote, OneNote – just add some of that feature to Endnote and I might actually buy and recommend again. For now, I tell students it’s a waste. (Unless they are librarians but even they are moving to other packages). 

Change or die!