Multiple references out of order

Hi All,

When I put in multiple references next to one another, they don’t appear in the order that I add them, or in the order that I change them to.  Please see the attached JPG screen capture.  I’m in Endnote X4 with the latest patch.  Is there some way I can just manually change a reference to make it look the way I want it to for that one time only?  I currently can’t do that.

You can’t change the sort order “one off”  - but you can change the sort order for all citations - divorcing them from the sort order defined in the Bibliography ordering.  (assuming the publisher doesn’t object).  See the two attached images. 

Otherwise, to accomplish it just once, you could hide the real reference (either hidden text or by hide both author and year  in the “edit citation” for each of the ones you want to appear first) and type it in the way you want it to appear as a prefix to the remaining refs.