My .data folder gets renamed and looses ".data" sufix when I exit EndNote

Every time I close EndNote, my folder “” gets automatically renamed to “My_Biblography” and looses the suffix “.data”

Before I open the EndNote again - I manually add this suffix - and that fixes the problem and lets me open the program without warnings that my data folder is missing.

Is there anything I can do to make the suffix “.data” stay and not be erased? How does that even happen?

(I work on a MacBook Pro).

I would appreciate an advice!


Greetings anamshane,

Is this library stored within a third-party sync folder on your hard drive, such as a Dropbox, SugarSync, or Box folder?  If you create a new library right on your Desktop and add several test references to that new library, does that same renaming behavior occur when closing the new test library?

Please let me know what you find.