My EndNote keeps crashing every time I try to attach a PDF to the new reference


I have encountered a problem with EndNotes X6 and X7. Everytime I try to add a PDF file to a new reference in my library, EndNotes crashes and closes unexpectedly. An Apple report is then generated. 

I have no problem relauching it, using it in Words or consulting the library though. It only crashes as soon as I try to add a PDF. 

I have had the same problem with both X6 and X7 versions. I tried to reinstall EndNotes, reboot my Mac, etc. No avail.

I’m running Mac OS X Yosemite, Version 10.10.1.

Can anyone help me there?


I just downloaded X7 for evaluation purposes.  This was one of the first things I tried and it keeps crashing on me too.  Not looking good to purchase for myself or my organization.

Wow, so then I followed the directions in the help file to import a pdf under file.  File, Import file, pdf.   Right after the file imported, the program crashed.  And when I try to open the program, it keeps crashing.  I am supposed to evaluate this software for a group buy.  

Endnot X7.2.1 (Bld 8311) has stopped working

A problem caused the program to stop working correctly.  Please close the program.

If there is something wrong with this pdf attached let me know why it won’t import.

Actually, I would attach the pdf but after trying to post this message multiple times and getting kicked out, I just had to give up.  Even before trying to attach the file, the website kept telling me to correct my post.  The highlighted sections needed to be fixed.  Nothing was highlighted.   You folks have to be kidding me, not impressed.

Yes, for what ever reason,  this forum doesn’t allow one to attach pdfs.  You can zip it and attach the zip file containing the PDF, which one of the file-types it will accept.  Didn’t you get an error message to that effect?    

  • “The file does not have a valid extension for an attachment. enz,ens,enf,xml,gif,jpg,jpeg,txt,zip are the valid extensions.”

Also, due to a huge amount of spammers in the past, new users for a number of posts, aren’t allowed to include any html links, so you could be running into that protection too… 

I was able to figure out the issue.  I happened to pick a file that was corrupt.  Several of my pubs were downloaded using Chrome.  They display fine when downloading, open their own windows and seem ok but Chrome switched out my Adobe reader for its own pdf reader.  So when they were saved, they were corrupted.  When I tried to attach them to the citation file, no good.  On the Chrome side, I had to go in and disable the Chrome pdf reader.  

The problem was these were relative files and going into a subfolder.  I had to go in and manually delete them so the program would open back up.  This problem does not occur if the file is absolute.  Endnote needs some kind escape if the uploaded file is corrupt, some way for the program to stay open so that the corrupt file can be deleted.  Being new, I was not familiar with how the pdf’s are stored.  I figured it out because I use Evernote and that program creates relative links-new copies of the pdfs are stored in a new folder.

I am not sure how this might have affected the upload to this forum given the information about preventing spam.

this problem still persists in the latest version of endnote.  whenever i try to find a file, endnote x7 crashes on mac.  all software is upgraded.  any solutions yet?

I have almost the same problem.

Sometimes importing a pdf works just fine, but then suddenly EndNote crashes.

Or it crashes after pressing the “import” button. Or it crashes when i click on a pdf in the application itself to read it.

It crashes ca 20 times a day and this makes me super angry and more than unsatisfied. I havent found a solution yet. Maybe its the same kind of problem and someone can help.

I also use Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 and EndNote x7. Everything is upgraded.

Dear all,

I was having the same problem with Endnote X7. It was crashing whenever I edit pdf reference or sth any change on reference which I attached pdf.

The crashing problem is about window size.

My solution is,

Go toolbar > Window>Tile Horizontally.

And it splits the windows from main endnote window.

I hope it helps for you. it solved my crashes on Windows 7 64 bit, Endnote version BLD 8818.


Hi guys, 

I have the same problem. Endnote crashes each time I try and attach a file. The solution of Toolbar-Windows-Horizontally OR vertically - did not work for me. 

I receive an error message saying ‘Endnote 7.5 (Bld 9325) has stopped working’ but I do not get notified of any solution.

Any solution that wil be clear and easy to understand will be appreciated as I am not tech savy.

Please help!  Thank you.

How are you attaching it and how long is its name, and where do you store your library?  (is it a write protected or “privilaged” folder, for example in the program folder of the C drive).  

Hi Leanne, 

Whether I use the References-File attachements-attach file path or simply right click on ‘attach file’ next to the preview tab - Endnote still crashes/closes immediately on its own. The file names are not long and have tried different files same thing. Names range from Cahill (2011) to Ranger (2015) - so not too long.

I have my library on an external had drive and it is not protected. 

Many thanks

I’m having the same issue. As soon as I add a PDF (manually or via Find Full Text), EndNote will crash (EndNote has stopped working…). And then every time I try to open the library after that, it will crash within a few seconds.

Using EndNote X7.5 (Build 9325) on Windows 10. Library is in My Documents. Files were all fine when was using EndNote X4 (yes I know, haven’t updated in a while!).

I’m also getting the same problem if I open the Style Manager.

If you are getting crashes, it is unlikely that other users are going to be of much help.  – I highly recommend that you CALL tech support (don’t use the tech support “form” for something this complicated which can take forever and ends up with a phone call or unsatifactory response).