X9 crashes when PDF file is attached


I am having problems with my new X9: when I try to attach pdf files to references in my library, sometimes it works and sometimes it crashes, apparently depending on the files I try to attach from various scientific journals. I have unchecked the box “copy new file attachment…” since I store all my references in one folder.

I am running MacOS 10.13.6 on an iMac Pro. 

can anyone help me please?

Thank you for your troubles


Please contact Technical Support directly

1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1



I, too, have this problem with X9. I’m running Mac OSX Mojave. I’ve tried contacting technical support to no avail. They replied:

I am sorry for the delayed response. I would like to let you know that the EndNote X9 program is compatible with the Mac OS X12. From your response, I clearly understand that EndNote crashes when you import PDF files for some references saved in your library. I am sorry to inform that there is a known issue with EndNote installed on Mac computers. We have seen this issue happens after upgrading the operating system to Mac OS Sierra or High Sierra and installing the latest patch. We have forwarded this issue to our Development team and they are currently working on it and I will get back to you if there is an update on this.

As a test, could you please open a sample library and try importing few PDFs to see if that works fine?

To locate the Sample Library: In Mac: Go to “Applications” > EndNote (X9) > Examples > Sample_Library_X9.enlx


To me, this doesn’t make sense. I queried the reply, only to get:

I mean that the EndNote program crashes when you click on any reference with PDFs and annotated PDFs. We have identified this happening on the libraries with PDFs with extensive annotations are hanging in the Mac OS which causes EndNote to crash. So, if you have many PDFs in your library, and if they are annotated then, the issue that you reported is likely to happen. With that said, to check if we can replicate the same behavior from my end, could you please send us the PDF files you are trying to import into your EndNote library?

I can’t even find the quoted sample library, but only Sample_Library_X8.enlx.

So, little help is available…

Does anyone have a solution to this problem yet? There are no updates to the program available.

in some other threads people have circumvented the bug by changing the display setting to bottom.  see this post: 


Mac High Sierra and X9 demo.

Opened the sample library (it IS labeled X8), and attempted to attach the “EndNoteX9 Mac documentation” PDF. Crash.

Restarted the Mac, re-opened the library, changed the orientation to show the PDF on the bottom, and succesffully attached the PDF.

Restarted, and attached the same file to a different reference, and had the spinning beachball. This cleared after about 5 minutes.

To be fair, it’s an old Mac (will not run Mojave).