Mysterious Cite and Write error


Every time I attempt to search for a resource using Cite and Write, it returns this mysterious error:

I am using EndNote 20, have my preference in CWYW set to EndNote desktop, and have tried uninstalling and reinstalling CWYW completely. Anyone else have this problem/know any possible solutions?


This is still happening, even after uninstalling and reinstalling EndNote, and changing citation styles. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Is you library stored in a folder that is on a cloud service like OneDrive, Dropboc or iCloud? This may cause this kind of error message. If this is the case, move the library to a non-Cloud folder.

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No, it is stored locally on my PC.

My recommendation is to reach out to Tech support on the site. hard to trouble shoot that here…

Try to ask the EndNote support. They are fast responding, even in hours. and so professional!


Thanks all - took a few hours with EndNote support, but thanks to their excellent service, was able to get it fixed. Appreciate it!

Can you summarize what the problem solution was in case someone else has similar?