New everything and having problems with EN21

Hi all,
Long time endnote user but I believe my last version was really old, possibly 9 or 10 on a laptop that has finally died. That version worked fine, inserted references when I wanted it to, was easy to search and find references and add them. The updated version I am having some issues with. The main one is that once I’ve found a reference and enabled CWYW and highlighted the reference in the library when I go to insert it in the word doc it just gives me the blue spinning wheel of thought for an age and then sometimes it inserts the raw format of the ref like this: {Sladojevic, 2019 #10637} and sometimes it does nothing at all. When I update the bibliography I get nothing, they maintain their raw format style and then in Endnote it just says ‘Endnote Error’ - no more information.

I hasten to add here that everything is brand new. The computer is barely two weeks out of the box running Windows 11 or whatever we’re currently on, latest version of Word and very freshly downloaded Endnote 21. I’m not using an old library, this is a freshly searched reference and it’s just not functioning.

Any ideas beyond uninstall it and reinstall it or should I revert to an older version of the software?

you should try taking the word document - make a copy - see if all the citations look like the temp format, and select all and remove field codes. (on windows MSWord, I do this by select all, then control+shift plus F9 all together) if there is hidden field information - this should remove any corrupt fields, and then see if the document can be endnote formatted. make sure you try a basic style like author, year in Word’s endnote ribbon, to see if it can be formatted correctly.