Name particles


I often have to quote Arabic sources. Many Arabic writers are called “al-Something” (for instance “al-Jundi”). In a bibliography these names are placed at the beginning of the list, since the Endnote sees the “A"of al-Jundi as the first letter. However, it should see the “J” of al-Jundi as the first letter, and consequently put the entry somewhere in the middle (between"I” and “K”). How can I realize this?

I have tried to enter “al- [space] Jundi”, but this does not give good results, since it then sees the “A” as an initial.



You can add “al” to the list of terms EndNote will ignore when sorting on the author field.  On Windows go to “Edit > Preferences” and on Mac go to “EndNote > Preferences”.  Then click on “Sorting” and add “al”, or possibly “al-” to the author list.