Omitting parts of Arabic names in bibliography sorting

I have been utilizing the sorting tool for this, but there is one reference, with a diacritic in the name, that I cannot figure out.

I have successfully put in “al” “ibn” and the like to be omitted when alphabettically sorting my Arabic names.  However, “al-ʿAynī” has a diacritic in front of the A, and it consistently sorts the name at the end, when it needs to be in the A’s.

Is there a way I can get endnote to ignore the “al-ʾ”?  I tried inputting that, just the diacritic, and a few other ways with no success.


By the sorting tool, I am assuming you mean the preferences> sorting table.  I think you should call Tech support and get them to see if they have a way to make it work, with the developers.  I would have suggested what it sounds like you have already tried.  

Yes, that is what I meant.  I sent tech support a message - thanks!