names with "von" etc. -- irreversible?

In my favorite styles, I prefer initials to full names. “Von” and “de” etc. however get turned into initials (“V.”, “d.”) UNLESS you enter the name thus:

“Last Name, First name von”

This gives as bibl. output: “Last name, First Name (initial only) von”

But in footnotes, using Chicago 16th Footnote I get this result:

“Last Name, First name von”, then title information. What I want is

“First Name (full) von Last Name” then title

Is this possible?

I enter them as

von Surname, first name

which works fine, even if you are doing “Initials von Surname” as the author settings in the output style.  

If you need to make sure they are alphabetically sorted in the Dutch preferred way (ignoring the Von prefex),  then you would add the author “prefixes” to the Sort preferences list (see attached image).  

Make sure the initial format and author order are set in the Author Name (1st and subsequent) settings in the footnotes (or bilbliography if footnote is set to use bibliography templates in your chosen style.    

Thanks, but in my other style (where I use letter abbreviations) this suggestion gets me this output:

Rad, G. v. (1971)

What I would want here is

Rad, G. von

Is there a way to make an exclusion rule for “von” so it won’t abbreviate in the bibliography?

No – it should give you von Rad, G but listed alphabetically under Rad?  – That is what I do, anyway in the sciences.  mind you many journals just still list it under von. 

Ah, I see.

(Did you attach the screen shot you mentioned above?)

One problem:

von Rad, G. (or Gerhard) is desirable, but there are cases where von should appear thus in the Bib:

Wilamowitz-Moellendorff, Ulrich von 

Don’t ask why!

For the latter, I guess it will have to be:

Wilamowitz-Moellendorff, Ulrich von  in the Library record (Author slot) and then manually changing “Ulrich” to “U.” whenever I use the initial format?

screen shot – sure I did (just now!)  ooops sorry. now it is there.  

PS it is my contention, that copy editors are there just for this kind of thing.  Support the need for copy editors, everyone!