Native apple silicon version?

Apple silicon was released about 18 months ago. Endnote is conspicuous in not having released a native version. Nearly all the major software vendors except for endnote have native versions of their software.

I believe apple users who are part of the endnote community are very disappointed in how clarivate has not moved more quickly when so many other vendors have managed to migrate their software to apple silicon.

Compounding this issue is the lack of a road map from Clarivate about when a native apple silicon version with compatible CWYW word plug in will be available. It would be very helpful if Clarivate could provide the endnote community with guidance as to this issue. Is an apple silicon version of endnote being developed? If so, when will it be available? Also, it would be helpful to know if an apple silicon native version is not being developed because then we could make plans to migrate to another reference management system.

Pete Rock


Dear EndNote Team-
I sent this note 7 months ago but did not receive a reply.

It’s now been 2 years since apple silicon was released. Will EndNote release a version that runs natively?
Thank you.