"Nature" style not working properly

My config:

Endnote X1 + Word 2007

 If I select more than 1 reference, only the first one will be cited, and the other reference will be sticked to the first one.

example: Endnote is great. 1,2 (before formatting)-> Endnote is great1. (nature style)

and the reference will look like:

1       Behra, R. and Krug, H., Nat Nano 3 (5), 253 (2008); Monica, J. C., Heintz, M. E., and Lewis, P. T., Nat Nano 2 (2), 68 (2007).

I tried to donwload the style from endnote website but the style is incorrect. 

Please help.


Try this one.  (attached) Copy it to your style folder.  I think it is the current style.  Or edit yours, citation section, numbers and untick the box that says “Use one number for references always cited together”.

(P.S.  I believe this is the style now for ALL the current Nature stable journals, Nature Genetics, Nature Cell Biology, etc).  

Message Edited by Leanne on 06-25-2008 04:53 PM
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