Style not formatting correctly

One of our secretaires inherited a document from a secretary that is no longer with us. When she opens the Word document (Word 2007), on the EndNote Ribbon,  it shows a style ouput of PPRO 5. She has to add two new references. When we do that from EndNote (X2), it inserts the citation but it looks different. We cannot get it to match the other references, which are set to the PPRO 5 style (whatever that is).

can anyone help?

Thank you!

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More information.

I exported all the citations to my EndNote library. I checked the style in Word AND EndNote, made it just plain Numbered. I inserted new citations and it formatted it strangely. I then clicked Update Citations in Word, and it reformatted them.

Very strange.

so, it is or it isn’t working now for you? 

It was still not working. The user just called me and said the plain numbered format was fine for the publication. That’s fine, but It still doesn’t explain why it would not format it when I tried. Oh well. Case closed. Thanks!