Plant Journal reference style issue


I’m using a newer version of Endnote than I’m used to, so I apologise in advance if that’s where the issue is but…

I’m using the Plant Journal style, Endnote X7, Windows 7, Word in Office 13.

When I am citing in the text, the first use of a reference looks fine (Bloggs et al. 2013) but the second reference looks like this (Bloggs, Jones, Brown and Patel 2013).

What’s going wrong here?



It sounds like the settings in your version of the style have been altered for the citations subsequent appearance to 4 (or more?) while the first appearance setting remains at 3  (see attached image).  

To get to these settings, Edit> edit output style, edit “Plant Journal”.  Citation > author lists.  

A quick look at a free access copy of an article: – I see that they look like both settings should be 3 or more, show 1  – (so a 3 authored paper should come up with 1 author et al both the first time and in subsequent citations).  

Maybe attach your current output style, if you want another pair of eyes to look?  

Just noticed that the radio button is selected for “show all authors” in the subsequent citations (and in my image)!  That needs to be changed to the other option, to get the authors to show correctly.  (perhaps an TR employee can correct the version on the Endnote styles website?)  

Here it is corrected style for that item.  – If you use this, you need to open the attachment (which should open in Endnote) save it from endnote, and change the output style selected in the manuscript on the endnote ribbon or in the format bibliography dialog – (probably having to show all styles to find it the first time).  Changing it in Endnote has zero effect on existing manuscripts.

Plant J Corrected.ens (11.2 KB)

Thank you, thank you! You completely rescued me (sorry for the slow response, I’d sort of given up trying to fix it for the moment).


I have the same problem described above by Leanne. I’m am using a web based EndNote Basic and a plug-in in Word 2013. I am unable to add the corrected format for the plug-in. Can you help me with this? How do I add new journal formats in the case of EndNote Basic.



The best thing to do for online is submit a request.  (also see link in the knowledgebase article here:  The other option suggested, to suggest it in this forum, obviously doesn’t work, reliably.  Finally, if you have an administrator, they are able to update your styles as well (instructions also linked in the KB article link)

A quick - one time fix, is to install the trial version of the desktop software and use the output style posted earlier in the thread.  

Content files (output styles, connection files, import filters) cannot be added to EndNote online by individual users. There are different subscription levels to EndNote online which determine what content is available. This particular journal is available in EndNote online; if you are not seeing it please contact the EndNote online administrator for your institution or the Thomson Reuters EndNote technical support team for assistance.

The problem I think is that the available “online” style is WRONG, as described below, but I haven’t checked that personally.