Need to identify reference style

The journal I am submitting to has this style:

Nicotra, F., Panza, L. and Russo, G. 1987, J. Org. Chem., 52, 5627

Citations are in brackets.

Can anyone tell me which one is similar so I can use it or change the template to the journal instructions?

Which journal? It’s helpful to identify the  journal and review the author guidelines for references which includes examples of different reference types and may also identify the requisite style.

Current Topics in Toxicology.

I read the author guidelines but they only give examples and don´t identify the style type. I know how to use EndNote fairly well but I don´t know the name of this style. With a similar one, I can modify the template. 

You probably want to start with “Numbered” – attached is one I did some alterations on.

Numbered CTT.ens (15.6 KB)