new endnote install sync

I am an existing user, through university, i install end note, works fine.

I go to sync preferences, enter my details, as per attachment 1, it accepts that and works fine.

However, when i then try and sync, it spews this out- how can the password be not valid when i just validated it??

Sync Details
Sync was last run: Never
Sync Status: There are changes that need to be sent.
Error Code: Server.AuthenticationToken.invalidUserCredentials
Error Message: The username/password specified is not valid.

Local Sync Library
Library Name: Dissertation Copy Copy
References: 99
Groups: 0
Group Sets: 1
Attachments: 12

Online Sync Library
Serial Number: 3091850026 (Premium until October 23, 2019)
References: 0
Groups: 0
Group Sets: 0
Attachments: 0 (0)

Sync Limits
Number of References: 1000000 (1000000 can still be added)
Number of Groups: 5000 (5000 can still be added)
Number of Group Sets: 5000 (5000 can still be added)
Attachment Storage: Unlimited


Greetings jessmerritt,

I do apologize for the library syncing issue that you’ve encountered.  The reported EndNoteSync error would typically indicate a problem with the email address and/or password defined for your EndNote online account within EndNote’s preferences.  To fix this credentials error -

  1. Launch EndNote.

  2. In EndNote, click “Edit>Preferences…”.

  3. Choose the “Sync” tab along the left side of the Preferences window.

  4. Make sure your email address is correct.

  5. Clear the Password field and re-input your password information.

  6. Click “OK” to close the Preferences window.

  7. Make sure your EndNote library is open.

  8. Click “Tools>Sync” to try syncing again.

If you still get the same credentials error, open a web browser, and navigate to to try resetting your password.  After resetting your password, return to EndNote’s Preferences>Sync tab to input that new password before attempting to sync again.

Please let me know if this helps.