New References Only from PubMed Search

I frequently repeat the same PubMed searches to update reference lists. Is there a method to find only new references that are not present in a current library. I can restrict the search to the current year, but that still identifies a large number of duplicates that I have to remove via the find duplicates function.

Thank you

You can tell EndNote to automatically discard the duplicate search results for online searches like PubMed. There is a setting in Preferences > Duplicates “Automatically Discard Duplicates from Online Search Results.”

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

But I believe that option only works in the “integrated” search/library function (but would love to hear that wasn’t the case).  It would be wonderful to have it work in the search only mode, or in the copy from search to library step!  Currently I copy them into a new library and import that library into my main library with the discard duplicates option. To eliminate that extra step would be wonderful.