How to prevent all my search results from being copied into my library?


My problem is that when I perform a search in Pubmed with Endnote, all the references from the search are copied directly into my library. So for instance, if I do a search for 1 article that retrieves 100 references, the whole 100 are being copied to my library, at each search.

To avoid this problem, I am for now deleting the references I don’t want from the search results, but I am thinking that there must be a simpler way to do it, by ticking a box in the tool menu or something. It was much simpler with previous versions of the software…

Has this ever happened to other users, and if so, would anyone have an idea on how to copy only those references that you want from the search in your library?

Many thanks in advance for your help,


Check out Chapter 5 of the Getting Started Guide where the various Modes are described. Or you can check out the FAQ here:

Got it - thanks! and thanks for answering so quickly!