PUBMED online search finds references but does not upload them

Help. Trying to import a ton of references from pubmed using the online search feature; Endnote 4x, all updated; it finds the reference but never actually brings it into the database. Help! on deadline!

What mode?

If “integrated”, (first button upper left) and the Endnote edit>preferences are set for discard duplicates, it won’t retrieve if it is already in your library. 

If third mode “online” than you need to select the refs you want and right click and copy to your library or retrieve them in a new blank or temporary library and import them into your main library (recommend that you do this with discard duplicates on, or you can afterwards search for duplicates and discard the one you want to discard) or drag and drop them into your library (which does not check for duplicates.   

See this nice discussion of the modes on Queensland Endnote info site.