New Styles - Journal of Pest Science and Journal of Insect Behavior

Please, someone can to create the styles for Journal of Pest Science and Journal of Insect Behavior? Thanks!

It helps immensely, if you would find the author instructions’ link and provide the examples so we don’t have to explore for them on your behalf.  

In this case—

If you look at either of these two journals’  Author Instructions links – and references section (and the two are identical), you will find this at the end (I always first search the instructions pages for “EndNote”): 

“For authors using EndNote, Springer provides an output style that supports the formatting of in-text citations and reference list.” and they then provide a link to an Endnote file.  

I opened the zip and attach the (renamed) style to this message.  

I wish more publishing houses would follow suit.  

Failing that – I next look for other journals the publisher, publishes.  – often others have output styles that are similar if not exactly the same.  
Basic Springer Ref style.ens (26.7 KB)