Journal of Ecology output style (J Ecology.ens) - revised version

The existing output style does not seem to match the requirements of the journal (ISSN 0022-0477 [print], 1365-2745 [online]). Attached is an output style modified in EndNote X1.01, so should be compatible for versions 8 and above.

Changes are based on the journal’s notes to authors and referencing practice found in recent issues: 

  1. Category changed to Ecology (previously Science)
  2. Citations > Author lists: ,# added between authors (where # is a blank space). This change is only apparent when 3 or more authors are listed in order to disambiguate in-text citations.
  3. Citations > Author name > Consecutive citations by the same author. Activated “Omit repeated authors”, separated with a comma.
  4. Citations > Sort Order. Changed to Year+Author, i.e. chronological order. (Previously unsorted).
  5. Bibliography >Templates
  6. Book. Edition added.
  7. Book Section and Generic. Vol. number added; “p.” for single-page point reference added (i.e. pp. changed to p.^pp.)
  8. Edited book. Added.
  9. Bibliography > Author Name; Editor Name. Initials changed to have no space between.

I have not added an edition statement to Book Section or Generic, as I could find no example. Web Page was not added, as there are too many variations in usage, and Web pages are seldom referenced(*).

Note: J Ecology (UK).ens is apparently for the same journal, and so it is a redundant output style. See thread.

(*) Web Page template on this style (Author (Year) URL|.) does not match any instance found while checking recent issues.

Hope this is helpful,

J Ecology.ens (14.1 KB)