The EndNote output style of Current Microbiology

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Does anybody have the output style of this journal “Current Microbiology”, I can`t find it in the Download page, if you have this one, please share it, thank you very much.


According to Current Microbiology’s “Instructions for Authors”, Springer “provides an output style that supports the formatting of in-text citations and reference list”.  The output style file can be downloaded from the Current Microbiology page or direct from the link below:

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I notice on the journal page under “Instructions for Authors” > References, it states (near the bottom) “For authors using EndNote, Springer provides an output style that supports the formatting of in-text citations and reference list” and there is a zip file to download.

I’ve not tried it myself, but I would hope it meets your requirements.



Hi CrazyGecko

Thank you very much for your kindness, well, is the output style you share an universal one for the Springer, because the style of reference list in the “Current Microbiology” is not quite the same as the one you shared, it looks like this in the published papers as below:

  1. Heyndrickx M, Lebbe L, Kersters K, De Vos P, Forsyth G, Logan
           NA (1998) Virgibacillus: a new genus to accommodate Bacillus
           pantothenticus (Proom and Knight 1950). Emended description
           of Virgibacillus pantothenticus. Int J Syst Bacteriol 48:99–106

  2. Jukes TH, Cantor CR (1969) Evolution of protein molecules. In:
           Munro HN (ed) Mammalian protein metabolism. Academic
           Press, New York, pp 211–232

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The available output style was downloaded from Current Microbiology (CM) and a quick check seems to confirm the style formats references as shown in CM’s examples (shown in the “References” section of the Instructions for Authors guidelines) and your two examples (content-wise).

However, Current Microbiology published articles are printed in a 2-column format so is that what you mean by “it looks like this in the published papers as below”  - that the references are formatted having a shorter width?  If so, Current Microbiology does not appear to require it  (review the journal’s Instructions for Authors guidelines) so such formatting should be left to the publisher.   

Hi CrazyGecko

Well, thanks, and I think I have got the point, so I will try to format the paper and have a see.

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