New to X3, problem opening libraries with double-click

I am brand-new to X3 (previously using EN 9). I am on the demo version now, but will be upgrading to the real version once the purchase request goes through at my company.

I’m having trouble opening libraries. If I double-click on a library on my desktop or on one of our shared drives, I get an error message saying that library can’t be found. If I open the program without opening a library, and then navigate to any of these libraries, they open fine. Obviously, I could just open libraries the way that works, but I am also the EndNote help desk for about 50 people, and I need something that will accommodate what they’re used to doing, or my phone won’t stop ringing. Besides, double-clicking on a library SHOULD work. Any idea what’s going on?

During that process, I also get an error message saying “member not found.” That doesn’t seem to affect anything, but I do get it every time, and it’s annoying to dismiss it over and over. (Again, I’ll get phone calls.) I did find something that suggested getting rid of all previous version files, which I did, but I still get the error. 

Any help on these matters is greatly appreciated. I’m trying to learn the new version before it rolls out to my entire company, and we’re on a  faster track now than we had planned because of the 2010 import problem.

Thanks again!