New X7 Install - Lags and Very slow

I am a new Endnote user and I have just started my first group of 20 journal articles, with pdf attachments. First, it only correctly imported the references for about half of them, despite all of them coming from journals and having the pdf attachments with them.

But more upsetting is that as I go to edit and add the reference fields author, title, etc. there is a lag when I type of one or two seconds. This shouldn’t happen on new software on a relatively new laptop. Also, when I save it there is a up to 5 second lag. What’s wrong?

Which version of MS Word are you using? Are you using Windows or Mac (OS version)? You say you’re using Endnote X7 but did you update your software to Endnote version X7.5 (which is needed to be compatible with Word/Office 2016). Refer to the knowledge base article:

Also, a PDF that lacks a digital object identifier (DOI) number within the file will cause Endnote to create a record having just the name of the PDF in the title field.