Newbie problem- disappearing citation

Using EndNote for the first time- when I insert citation it appears in the proper code but when I hit the update citations and bibliography, the bibliographic reference appears but citation is gone  Help is much appreciated.  Running EndNote x7 in Word 2010.

Check what Style is on the Endnote Ribbon in Word.  

Chances are it is something like Annotation.  You want to change that to something relevent to your publisher of choice,

Click the dropdown arrow and see if there is something else there of interest (Author Year) or numbered or a journal specific to your field of study…

If there isn’t try the “select another style” from the top of the list.  

If you still don’t see something you like, go back to Endnote in the help menu, - Web Style finder-- 

They can be downloaded if one you want isn’t there too, for over 5000 publications! Save as from Endnote and then it should appear in the “select another style” in the Word Endnote ribbon dropdown!  

Thanks Leanne.  I responded to you in another thread. Writing a dissertation for a theological institution that has me combining parenthetical referencing of sources while using Turabian bibliographic style.  Used EndNote in research phase and have inputted sources.  

You can add edit the output style’s citation tempage to  add (Author, Year) to the citation template - save as the style to a new name, and then change to that version in the work document on the ribbon?  

Leanne is correct. Turabian is a style that is designed for use with footnotes, rather than in-text citations. If you insert a citation into a footnote, rather than the body of the text, it will appear as expected. However, it will not show if inserted into the body text.

If you are not using footnotes, Turabian is likely not the best style for you to be using. If you are using both in-text citations AND footnotes, editing the Turabian style to include a citation template, as Leanne suggested, is likely your best option.