disappearing citations in Endnote X

I am using endnote X and word 2007. Some citations in my document do not appear when formatting the bibliography. The citatation is printed the first time, but not the second time, not only in consecutive notes, but also when appearing later in a document. The problem seems to arise from the fact that I have added a “manuscript” reference type to the templates in the footnote section of the output style. I am using J of Modern History, but the same problem arises in other output styles as well, and is even worse. Despite adding relevant field codes, these do not show up in the document at all. 

When using the “annotated” output style, all citations do appear. This is of little use, however, as I will have to change all other templates in this style. Surely there is an easier way?

There is a similar problem listed on the Endnote FAQ, but this merely suggests changing output styles, which doesn’t work.

I have noticed that other templates in the output style contain sets of horizontal lines, and my "Manuscript"template does not. Could that have anyting to do with it?

Any help would be much appreciated.  

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Attach your style, so we can look at it?