No Longer Compatible With Word 2016 - Pls help.

Microsoft Office 2016 updated a day or so ago. I am now receiving an ‘unable to load add-in’ message.  It was just working last week.  Is this another Microsoft war?

Pls help.



I just updated and have no problems with endnoteX7.5 (on a pc).  Mac or PC?  

Below are two trouble shooting documents that might help or you can call Tech support

EndNote X7 Mac and EndNote online Mac: CWYW tools in Microsoft Word 2016 Troubleshooting guide

Windows:  EndNote: CWYW tools are disabled and missing in Word: 

or the KB article refered to in above repair document about Installation of tools (Windows)

I appreciate your response. I am attaching the error pop-up window. I remain convinced that this is a new problem or a small change that triggers an old problem.

I have already attempted:

  1. Running customizer again

  2. Redownloading and installing the add-on.



Voila_Capture 2016-07-05_01-16-12_.jpg

Thank you for your reply.  I am attaching the error pop-up window.

I have already:

  1. Ran customizer again.

  2. Redownloaded the add-on and reinstalled.



Voila_Capture 2016-07-05_01-16-12_.jpg

I enrolled to receive interim updates for MS Word. 7.5.3 is incompatible with the interim updates. Tech Support pointed me to the 7.6 Beta which has installed and is running well.



Hi lesrbecker,

If you are a part of the Office Insider program, you may have received an Insider Fast release with version 15.25 of Word 2016. 

Version 15.25.0 is a fully 64 bit version of MS Office programs. EndNote X7 Mac users will find that this release impacts the Cite While You Write plug in and Word 2016, resulting in a dialog that reads: “Word was unable to load an add-in”.  

See more about this release and its impact on all Word plug ins, including Cite While you Write here:

In this Microsoft blog post, there is mention of an EndNote Cite While You Write beta. So, please go to

to get a Word 2016 version 15.25 compatible version of Cite While You Write. 

Thank you,

Meredith M. 

Then I would call tech support?  I am just another user.  

Thanks – I have let our institutional support team know here!  

Thanks @leanne

I just updated and have no problems with endnoteX7.5 (on a pc). Mac or PC?