normal text in my document uses the { } convention

In many places the text of my document uses curly brackets (it is an article about a programming language where curly bracket pairs are used).  I can’t figure out how to use the default temporary citations and not get them confused with other parts of my document.  Is there a way to go through the document and, one by one, ask for the citations to be translated to the output format?  When I repeatedly say “ignore” while formatting the document, I eventually get an Endnote Error message (with no indication of where this occurred).

you want to change your delimiters to a pair of something you don’t use commonly in your writing.  Endnote will make the switch automatically and stop asking about the others.  – square brackets?  or ~ and ^?  I think any two different characters will work. 

Oh  - I forgot to tell you how.  You can change them from the format bibliography menu, or permanently by editing your preferences, which will change it for all present and future documents. 

Thank you - that did indeed work.  Incidentally the two characters you recommended, ~ and ^, are the only two special characters NOT used in the article.