Endnote unformatted citation brackets


I have the misfortune of compiling a group report, and my group members all seem to have different Endnote versions. Mine shows unformatted citations in parentheses and the others show in {curly brackets}. When the report and libraries are combined, the curly citations dont get updated. 

The obvious fix is to get on the same version of endnote, but time is short and I would like to know if there is a setting which changes the bracket types so they all get updated?



This has nothing to do with the version of endnote, but with what you have set as your own “temporary delimiters” which should be set to curly brackets. 

I would first  make a copy of the document (so you have something to go back to) and then open the bibliography menu  and change them to curly brackets (better yet, to change them in the preferences section).  I suspect if yours are already formated they will be converted to curly, and the curly bracketed ones will be formated assuming they are in an accessible library.  Yours should be curly.  It complicates the use of endnote if you try to use normal parentheses, as it will be trying to convert every parenthetical statement to an endnote citation.  

the images for these settings (windows version) are attached.  (preferences is found under Endnote’s edit menu >preferences  in the second snip.)