Formatting error

Hello everybody,

Got a problem with autoformatting: endnote (my version: X9) transforms abbreviations of the text in citations, even if they aren’t. 


in the sentence " … and extrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma (eCC)", it transforms (eCC) in one of the citations of my references. 

It happens also with other abbreviations within the text, but only when I use “Update citations and bibliography” and even if I select “Ignore All” in the following pop-up options menu.

What can I do?


It appears you have changed your temporary citation delimiters to plain parentheses rather than the more usual curly brackets.  there are two places you can change this.  In preferences (for all future documents) or in the bibliography drop down (which is probably just for that manuscript, and won’t change any others, but won’t fix any others either, if the preferences settings is still parentheses).  

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Thanks so much, you saved me :wink:

Don’t know how I made that change, anyway now everything works fine!

Thanks for the pictures also, very informative!

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