Normalizing author names


how can one normalize different variants of author names inside a collection of records? For instance, I have ten variants for Derek J. de Solla Price:

De Solla Price, D. J.
Price de Sola, D. J.
Price de Sole, D. J.
Price, D. J. D.
Price, D. J. D. Solla
Price, D. J. de S.
Price, D. J. de Solla
Price, de Solla D. J.
Price, Derek
Price, Derek de Solla

Thanks in advance.

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Message Edited by fpehar on 04-30-2009 07:57 AM

Unfortunately, no global replace function will work, unless he is the only author in all the affected records.  If so, you can select those records, have only those records showing and they use the Change or move option in tools, and replace the author field with the version you want it to be. 

Otherwise, search for the common denominator, copy the text you want them all to be, and then go from record to record, select the original, and paste the replacement.  After doing this, you will want to unformat and reformat your manuscripts to ensure they use the new information and not the “travelling library” version, which might not allow the bibliography to be updated

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