Updating issues in Word (2003)

I have a problem when correcting my references in Endnote, I could find a solution on this forum. First some relevant details:

Endnote version X.0.2 Bld 2283

Word 2003 SP3

Now for the problem. Lets say I have a referece with an author called XXXX. 

I use the CWYW function to add the reference in the document.

Later I realize that I made an error in the authors name, it should be YYYY, so I correct the reference in Endnote.

I work further on the document and again use the CWYW function.

Now I have two different references in my document: XXXX and YYYY. XXXX should have been corrected to YYYY. This remains like this even when I use the Format Bibliography button. 

Does anyone experience simular behavior? Is there any solution for this?

Due to the traveling library feature, this can happen.  Endnote no longer matches the XXX, YEAR Rec Number with an existing reference in the library, so it keeps it in the traveling library.  The easiest way to fix this, is to either delete and reinsert the corrected citation (if it is just one occurrence) from the endnote library, or to unformat and reformat the entire paper (if there are multiple instances, this is probably easier).  If you unformat, you will need to re-engage CWYW from the format bibliography dialog, which is located on the third tab. 

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Thank you Leanne for your quick resonse, the second solution worked for me (and is more fool proof, you won’t have to check if you have made multiple instances)!