Note/comment to field names option which allows a comment to be revealled

Since moving to APA and it changing from 5th to 6th ed style, I have to change many of my habits. It would be useful to be able to add a note/comment to field names to remind me what are the rules. Of course others, may add different subject matter.

For example, for the field “Place of publication”, I’d put a note along the lines to remind me "The ‘well known city rule’ no longer applies. This means the state (or country, for non-U.S. publishers) is included for all publishers. The exception to this rule: If the publisher is a university whose name includes the name of the state, don’t repeat the state in the publisher location.

The note/comment would appear as a balloon just like a comment does in MS Word. It would pop up when cursor hovered over field name

Warm regards/gary

PS Previously I suggested using a ballon

Now I think it would work by allowing a clock on the band above the field