how add copyright/licence information?

Hello again!

I use Endnote X8 with Word365 and APA7th Style.

How can I add copyright/licence informations via Endnote to some references? (e.g. WHO-reports)

Any suggestions?

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First you need to decide or create a field in the reference type to include that information  in the record, and then you would need to add that field to your bibliography template by editing the output style.  How do you want it to appear and do you have that info in your record?  Sometimes it is easier to add the info to the field that would precede the copyright/licensing info with the associated spacing and punctuation.   

Hallo Leanne!

But how do I create a new field? There are several prenamed Fields which I could insert in the template, but none with a Label like “Copyright Information”

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Now you are getting into the nitty gritty of EndNote’s power.  

In endnote preferences (edit preferences) you can modify a reference type (which kind of reference do you use for the WHO report?)  see 

And then, this page has a video (but it really focuses on constructing a brand new output style which isn’t necessary) – you really want the PDF attachments for Window or Mac to edit the output style (they are at the bottom under the video screen).

Hi Leanne!

The Video was great! Thanks a lot!

What I want is - I want to create or rename a “Field” (not a Reference Type). I want a “Field” with the Title: “Copyright Information”. I want to add it to several Reference Types in my adapted APA 7th output style.

This works for ME (but perhaps not for other users of my output style) as workaround: I selected the field “Notes”  from the “Fields”-dropdown selction in the output style editor and added it at the end of a reference style. 

Then I tested it: I inserted a Creative Commons licence in the “Notes” field, and finally the “Copyright Information” showed up correctly at the End of the Reference-preview.

MY QUESTION: Can I rename the field “Notes” to “Copyright Information” or create a new  Field “Copyright Information”?

I want other users which use my output style to understand, that this certain field is the place to insert “copyright information”. I don’t want them to read my output style description to understand that they should add copyright informations to the “Notes” field.

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