numbered endnotes for general audience

sorry for the likely dumb question.

i have a 20-page manuscript and i want to have endnotes (at end of doc) and biblio and cannot figure something out.

if i have a paragraph that says:

The pink elephant and “wild zebras” are known to eat grass only on Monday. Since this book is for a popular audience, i do not want to insert standard or scientific citations (e.g., Martin and Knight, 1989). I want the “quotes” to reference a endnote that also has the full cititation in a bibliography.

So, i would like the “wild zebras” to appear in the Notes section as:

1 “wild zebras . . .” Martin and Knight, 1989

the 1 represents the page that the not appeared - for example, could have been page 17. the “wild zebras” is the quote and the person can find the full cittation in the bib

cannot figure out how to do this? any help would be appreciated.