Numbered style of referencing and numbers of authors

Hi everybody,

When my reference has 4 or more authors, only the 1st one is written in the Bibliography (example : Author 1 et al.,)

When my reference has 3 or less authors, all the authors are wrtitten in the Bibliography (example; Author 1, Author 2 and Author 3).

I would like to have “Author 1 et al.” when the reference has 2 authors or more but I can’t figure out how to do. 

I am using the numbered style of referencing.

Thanks for your help.


You need to edit your current style or identify a style which has your settings.  I should warn you that most styles would never advocate chaning Author1 and Author2 to author et al, but it is easily achieved.  Most would only apply it to 3 or more and not 2 or more.  But to change it to whatever you wish, you simply need to edit your numbered style (Edit>Ouput Styles> edit “the currently selected style name” (see image 1) and then change the Bibliography Author list settings (highlighted in image 2) and change the current number 4 to 2 or to 3. 

Then save as, and give the new style a new name and then in your document, change the style to the newly created name (you may have to view additional styles to find it the first time).