Ok to remove old versions?

I’m relatively new to EndNote. As I upgraded from 8.0.2 to X1 and to X2, I noticed that all 3 versions show up on “currently installed programs” in the “add or remove programs” of the Control Panel. Are the old versions necessary? can I remove 8.0.2 (listed at 64.22MB) and X1 (148.00MB) without affecting X2?

Thank you.

Not only is it OKAY, it is highly recommended to uninstall them prior to installing the latest version.  

But as with any ugrade, it is prudent to backup folders containing customized styles, libraries etc.  You probably want to back up your styles anyway and transfer any customized ones to your MyDocuments/Endnote/Style folder from the C:program folder/endnote(whatever)/styles folders.  If there isn’t a folder of that name, you can create one.