update x1 => x4


I user the version x1 and will update now to x4. There is the file ENX4Inst.msi and I started.

I think it is a file for updating EN. Now the programm will install the new version in a new folder. Is it correct?

Or should I install the new version in the old folder (c:\program\EndNote X1)?

thanx for help.


I find it best to first backup all the styles, connections and filters you may have edited (or laboriously selected) to a safe location from the program folder, and uninstall the old version. Then install the new version in a new folder.  That process doesn’t remove your personalized Endnote settings, but ensures that old pointers no longer work.  It also leaves your styles and other files intact.  Make sure both Word and Outlook are closed during the uninstall and install processes.