Omit similar entries in the bibliography

I have the following Problem:

I have to cite the same book often with different authors and it only is allowed to show up once in the bibliography (the author is not shown).

It has always the same ‘publisher’, that is shown in the bibliography.


Footnote_Cit_1: AuthorX in Publisher, Title

Footnote_Cit_2: AuthorY in Publisher, Title

Bib: Publisher, Title, …

I have an extra reference safed for each author, since it is mandatory for me to have the author as field and not as prefix.

What I tried:

  1.  Writing the publisher as ‘first-author-field’ and the author as some other field. This way the book is only listed once in the bibliography. Problem: It doesn’t matter which reference I cite, it always picks the alphabetically first author (displays AuthorX, even though it says AuthorY in the cited reference).
  2. Leaving the ‘first-author-field’ empty and putting the content somewhere else. Same result as 1.
  3. Putting the author in ‘first-author-field’ and the publisher somewhere else. This way the footnote citations work, but I get the book two times in my bibliography (even though it both times says “Publisher, Title, …”), having the same entry multiple times.

Is there any way to fix this?

Couldn’t find an edit-button:

I use Endnote x7 (Desktop) on Mac

Can you point to a web resource that explains the publication requirements in more detail?  I don’t really understand.  Are these different chapters in an edited book?  What is your field of study?  Humanities, Science, ?

I study law. The books I am talking about are basically “commenaries” on the laws themselves. Every author only comments on a certain number of laws, so each of this books has at least 5 or 6 authors. Then there is the editor that puts the work of all the authors working on the book together and publishes it.

In the bibliography I have to list the book like this:

editor, title, edition, place published, year.

In the footnotes, it is supposed to look like this:

author, editor, title, cited pages.

And by author I mean the author that wrote the specific comment I am citing.

I could provide the required web resource, but it’d be german and therefore only of little help…

I don’t think Endnote will be able to handle this automatically, but a TR person may know a way.  

If it were mine, I guess I would type in the author name into the footnote, before inserting the edited book citation and use the cited pages field.  I don’t want to play with it without starting with your current output style to see where you are starting.  

Again, if it were mine, I guess I would use the “notes” section to record all the author and cited pages combination details, as I don’t see an automated way to include them in the footnote without messing up the bibliography, as you would need to copy and paste them or type them into the footnote.  Like this: Jones, {Smith, 1999 #24 @145-6} (which is the manual way to include the cited pages field).  This should get formated to the _Jones, _Smith, title, cited pages if that is how the footnote template is set up for edited book.  – you would want both the short and long form to be the same.  

Or  – do it the way you have been in option 3, and then before submitting delete the rest of the copies in the bibliography.  You could first insert the book itself as a hidden text citation so it correctly appears in the bibliography.    

Endnote has never been particularly good at completely fulfilling the requirements of Law publications.