On-line serch disabled after a crash


I am using the endnote x7 version for Mac and I had a strange problem.

I was performing an on line search (PUBMED) to add references to a new library and all was working fine. Following a crash while attempting to attach a pdf file (the program was unexpectedly closed) now I can open my new library, but I cannot search addidional files on-line. Switching to the on-line search, the panel for local search does not change to that of on- line search (for example the box  “Author” does not change to “Author (Smith, A.B.)” and I can do only search of items in my library. I tryed qiuitting the program and even restarting the computer, but I had no success in restoring the normal function of the on-line search.

Can anyone suggest me how to fix this bug, if it is possible? Thank you,


Greetings Roberto,

I’d suggest walking through the steps listed within the following knowledgebase article:


Please let me know if these instructions help.