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I need to submit a manuscript to Oncogene, but the Endnote Web output style for this journal doesn’t match their requirements. Could you please change it? Here’s a link to their author requirements page



The Oncogene output style was updated 05/13/2013, and is available at the following URL:


If you find that there are any other updates needed, please let us know what specifically they are. If you call us directly we can also assis you over the phone to make any minor modifications.

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Tried the new style for “Oncogene” and it still returns incorrect formatting.  Long form journal names and page numbers incorrect among other issues.

The journal names is always a problem and depends on your journal terms list being set up and the output style specifying the correct column for your terms list.  See this Knowledgebase article.  

Assuming you have access to the desktop version of endnote…I attach my Oncogene style which I think matches current requirements.  It specifies the abbr 1 for Journal names.  

Oncogene 2013.ens (14.7 KB)

Thanks - very useful - worked as described