Style not available


I am using myendnoteweb with an institutional subscription and we are looking for the style of “Journal of Cancer”  which is not available. There is the .ens file (ivyspring.ens) but I can not find it in the Endnote online version. 

Is another similar style available online? These are the requirements of the Journal:

Use the sequence: [Author surname] [Author initials], [Other author surnames & initials]. [Article title]. [Journal name abbreviation]. [Year]; [Volume]: [First page number]-[Last page number].

  • Journal paper must have journal name (or journal abbreviation), year, volume and page numbers.
  • Please make sure that the year of publication is not missing.
  • Please use “:” to separate volume and first page number.
  • Do not bold or italicize the title, journal name, or any part of references. Omit any “.” in the journal abbreviations.

Thanks a lot in advance.