One reference keeps including the article Title - I don't want it to.

I have been using endnote from the very start and I set my output style how I wanted it. Now I’m at the end and I’ve just noticed that there is one reference (used twice) that for some reason included the title in the intext reference. All the other references are set to Author-date style, and I can’t seem to get rid of it!

Please can someone help me!

Hi there,

What style are you using? And what version of Endnote?

Does the reference have an author in the first place? If not, and you are using APA 5th, for example, then the title (or the first few words of it) should appear in the intext citation.



Not sure what version of Endnote I am using (at home now) sorry.

But the reference in question has Author, Title and Year in that format. However every other reference (100’s) in the document has Author, Year. Thats how I want it… the reference in question is in an endnote library along with many other references which are in the desired Author, Year style. so I don’t understand what is different about this one particular reference…

Hope this helps clear up what the problem is!


Is it possible that the Author is ambiguous, and that the selection under citation/abiguous Citations is to add the title, in the style you are using?  Check by Edit> edit output style, edit “author-date” and look under citation, ambiguous citations. 

Check also that - that particular record is not represented twice in your library? 

Also check with another style?  Is there still a title? I assume you have checked the record itself and it isn’t funny?

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