Opening another library when not wanted

Hi, when I open one of my endnote libraries for my thesis, it automatically opens a library from a project last year. When I tried deleting this project library, my thesis library no longer worked and errors occurred. I really don’t want the project library and I have no idea why it is opening/seems to be linked to my thesis library!

Please can anyone help? I haven’t seem anyone with similar issues elsewhere.

Go to your preferences in the desktop, >Libraries and remove the project library name from the libraries window. Once you have removed the no longer used library name, it should work fine, but for the best control over what library opens, change the settings to “prompt to select a library” rather than “open last opened library” or “open the specified libraries”.

Really important tip to all: Before upgrading to any new version of endnote, it is always good to go into the preferences and remove any libraries in the old version listed there and set it to “prompt to select a library” rather than “open the most recently used” or “open the specified libraries”) especially if you need to convert a library, the new program will continue to try to open the old library and reconvert it overwriting your previously converted library and erasing any new updates you have done! The software developers really should reset that setting prior to installing and running any new endnote versions!

Below is the screen shot from EndNoteX9, but it should have similar options in 20 or 21.


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The other problem is that the “Open Recent” list does not update, and you can’t clear it in Endnote. You have to go into the registry which can be daunting and impossible without admin rights, However the solution is not difficult and was posted here.

You can clear out the old library that does not exist any more.

If you only need the new library, then you can leave Endnote to “open last used”

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Thanks so much! That worked brilliantly