Two libraries, same name?

Hi everyone,

I’m a dope at this EndNote business. Somehow, I’ve ended up with two libraries with the exact same name and I’m completely lost in all the folders. Which subfolders/data folders, etc are associated with which library? How do I know?

I’d like to delete one unnecessary library to avoid confusion and potential mistakes, but I don’t know where to start.

Right now, the only way I can differentiate between the two libraries is  by opening them and using the one that has more references listed, as that is my most recent one.

I tried to save one under a different name, and it didn’t seem to work. I also worry about losing links to my PDF files attached to all the references.

I feel stupid, as I don’t even know how I got into this mess, and I have no clue how to approach it. Usually, after reading the software’s manual and reading forums and exploring the program, I can figure out my problem and solve it, but EndNote is baffling to me!

Any tips would be appreciated,