Tries to open a deleted library

Hi there,

I have installed Endnote a few months ago and back then created a library to try out the software a bit - I called the library “Test library”. As the name says, it has not real purpose. I now received a library with a specific set of reference that I will be working with, and also complement, i.e. use as my “main” library (named “Personal library”). I deleted the test library. Whenever I now open the personal library, endnote informs me that it can’t find the test library. The personal library opens and everything works fine, but this error message everytime I open endnote is really annoying. Does anyone know what I could do about it?

Thank you!

I suspect you have the preferences library setting to open a specific library. Go to preferences >library and see what the setting is. – you can remove “test.enl” from that list, and then add the open library or change the setting to open “the most recently opened library” or “prompt to select a library”. If you have synced the test library to the cloud, - you may need to do some resetting for that as well. (these instructions are for X9 and not sure if 20 is slightly different.)

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Many thanks, that worked!! I had to try out a few things but ultimately found the problem within these preferences.