OpenOffice 3.3 & EndNote X4 on Mac OS 10.6.6


Installed EndNote X4 on Mac OS 10.6.6. Have OpenOffice 3.3. Do not have any EndNote Menu. Do not find CWYW file either? Can anyone assist? Where do I find the plug-in CWYW? How do I install it? I might be able to use it then :slight_smile:

If not spossible to use CWYW in OppenOffice I ask for advice for a compatible option (surely not Microsoft package!).

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As far as I know, EndNote doesn’t support Open Office for Mac, only for Windows.

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Jan Ove Rein

Hi to Jan from my old school NTNU :slight_smile:

So what are my option would you say, if I want to keep my mac :slight_smile:


Hi Bobby!

EndNote support Word and Pages for Mac so if you get any of these you can use EndNote with manuscripts (and CWYW) on a Mac.

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Jan Ove

The other option is to copy paste endnote citations into the document, then save as an RTF file and use endnote to format the bibliography from the “format paper” tools option.  Not CWYW but it works fine. 

The suggested solution is not as satisfying as a CWYW solution: when preparing for submitting a paper it is greatly convenient to use CWYW (why would you have add it to the software if it were not useful?). Mac and OpenOffice users are a great number and they are all switching to Zotero and the likes, which grants this feature. It is unreasonable and hardly understandable that Thomson Reuters is still not replying to these users with a satisfying upgrade.

I have posted your comments to our existing Enhancement Request for this feature. These comments will be reviewed by those parties who make decisions about future development of the software. You can also submit Product Suggestions here: and in our User Community: