NeoOffice Compatibility

New to EndNote.

Looked through this forum and Google, but couldn’t find the answer to my question.

Is EndNote compatible with NeoOffice?  

Saw a reference to MS Office, OpenOffice, etc, but nothing for NeoOffice.

Thank you.

If it can save-as to an RTF format, you can copy/paste the endnote refs to it as temporary citations and then from endnote open and format the manuscript.  It won’t have an add-in, CWYW type interface.  Note that for a Mac, OpenOffice doesn’t have an add-in either, as far as I know.  It is just available in the windows versions. 

The answer to this question depends on exactly what you mean by “compatibility.” As Leanne [and the EndNote help file] note, EndNote enables you to format citations working with almost any application that can read and write RTF files. This process takes a few steps but results in properly formatted citations and bibliographies.

EndNote also includes a feature called “Cite While You Write [CWYW]” which is a closer integration with certain third-party tools in the form of built-in toolbars/dialog “plug-ins” that enable quicker and easier use of EndNote’s formatting capabilities directly within the third party application. For EndNote version X4, CWYW is currently available for the following applications:

Microsoft Word [many versions] for Windows and Macintosh

Apple Pages for Macintosh Writer for Windows

Mathematica 8 for Windows

Every version of CWYW is not exactly the same but they all include integrated formatting from EndNote.

Far and away the most frequent request we hear from customers is to add CWYW to more applications. We listen to these requests and are considering them but these are not projects that we can just build instantly.

But, with the EndNote API, almost anyone [a user or a third-party application] with programming skills could create their own version of CWYW to work between EndNote and a third-party tool. Information on the API is here

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

Thank you both for the information.  Very helpful.

The CWYW is what my wife was after.  We went ahead and got the MS Word for Mac program (she’s doing her dissertation and is not interested in kluging a system together to work … so we went for the obvious/easiest.)

Actually, Leanne, what you suggested is what I did.  But my wife has less patience than me ergo the MS Office solution.

And JasonR, I can appreciate that these type software builds take time.  It’s just that with the cost and ‘bloat’ of MS Office it’d be nice to use and, in doing so, support the open source community … they’re doing great work!

Thanks again to you both.